Congratulations of Xuzhou Jiuyi Health Center on Becoming A Designated Medical Institution of Social Medical Insurance

Release Date: 2018/03/09  Hits:1959

In early April, 2017, Xuzhou Jiuyi Health Center brought good news that the center has completed the application for becoming designated medical institution of social medical insurance. After equipment installation, the elderly of Jiuyi can enjoy more convenient life at the center. The establishment of designated medical institution of social medical insurance symbolizes that Jiuyi has taken a giant stride forward in combination of medical care and nursing.


With the rapid aging of Chinese population, the elderly have increasing demand on medical treatment and elderly care services. But in real life, medical institutes and elderly care institutes are independent of each other. The elderly living in nursing home have no easy access to see the doctor, while hospitals do not provide elderly care services. When the elderly get sick, they have to shuttle among homes, hospitals, and elderly care institutes, which not only delays treatment, but also increases burden on family members. The separation of medical treatment and elderly care makes many sick elderly patients consider hospitals as their nursing homes. They have become “permanent residents of hospitals” and thus made medical treatment resources more scarce. As such, in recent years, the exploitation of elderly care model has never stopped.


Xuzhou Jiuyi Health Center is a professional elderly care service provider under Join-In Holdings Group that provides high quality health care and living services to the elderly in China. It introduced the most advanced overseas one-stop continuous health care elderly care model. Since its establishment, the center has been actively exploiting elderly care new model that combines medical treatment and nursing. Based on well-equipped city complex—Join-In Plaza, a neighborhood type elderly care apartment, comprising 225 rooms, was built, which includes home living area, multifunction amusement area, and medical care function service area. These areas include health management center, medical treatment outpatient clinic, medical treatment observation room, rehabilitation physical therapy room, traditional Chinese medicine health preservation room, bath help room, foot bath room, beauty salon, gym room, nurse working station, pharmacy and other supporting services. It leads, drives and promotes the healthy development of the elderly care market in Xuzhou, and continuously marches forward in the development of "combination of medical treatment and nursing".