"Three Lifetimes-Fates Got Tied in My Life"——Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel 2017 Spring Wedding Show Successfully Concluded

Release Date: 2018/03/09  Hits:1525

On 25 March 2017, 2017 "Three Lifetimes-Fates Got Tied in My Life" Spring Wedding Show, which was jointly held by Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel, Red Lanterns Wedding and many high-end brand merchants, was concluded successfully. Hundreds of brides and grooms, and media outlets attended the activity and experienced an unparalleled visual feast. The activity was very exciting. At this top wedding venue in Huangshi, brides and grooms were exploiting secret of wedding ideas, appreciating traditional Chinese decoration and exquisite Western decoration, and experiencing romantic elegance on the beautiful lakeside. On that day, the banquet hall of Lamborghini Hotel turned many people's beautiful wedding dreams into reality.



Wedding Fashion Trend Conference is held in Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel every March. It aims to integrate resources of the industry and provides all-round wedding banquet services to newlyweds. Thus they can understand arrangement, flow, theme, and idea of the wedding banquet, and obtain abundant and useful wedding fashion information and ideas as much as possible in limited time and fulfill their romantic wedding dreams. Meanwhile, it allows everyone to pay more attention to theme wedding banquet, which has gradually become a trend, and have a new understanding about traditional wedding banquet.



Fantastic wedding show, wedding dress show, wedding cake, floriculture exhibition, lighting, and bridal makeup represented the most fashionable and the latest wedding fashion trend, and won applauses from the audience. Meanwhile, the hotel also prepared a professional wedding banquet team to provide one to one consultation to newlyweds.






On that day, all guests were lucky enough to witness a romantic wedding proposal between a new couple. A wedding host sincerely proposed to his girlfriend, who accepted him in excitement. Everyone was touched by the happy scene.


Thanks to professional wedding banquet team, powerful line-up and perfect coordination of Lamborghini Hotel, the wedding show was a great success. The light-hearted atmosphere won unanimous praise from guests. Newlyweds who have signed contracts said that they expect the day of their wedding, because only love leaves eternal memory.