Join·In Holdings Group Carries out 2017 Half-Year Performance Assessment Work

Release Date: 2018/03/14  Hits:1597


Recently, 2017 half year performance assessment work of Join-In Holdings Group started, in spite of the hot weather. An assessment team was formed comprising leaders and responsible persons of departments and offices, headed by Chairman Mr. Gao Jianrong and president Mr. Xu Qinghua. From 18 July to 28 July, they made assessment and survey on the work for the first half of this year of over ten subsidiaries under the Group located in Xuzhou, Huai'an, Suzhou, Kunshan, Shanghai, Huangshi, etc.


Chairman Gao and president Xu attached great importance to the performance assessment work, and specified that the key of this assessment is fulfillment of plans for 2017 of each company. They required each company to share experience on how they overfulfilled periodic targets, and find reason for unfinished targets, give comprehensive reports on measures to be taken for the work in the second half of this year and the time the work is finished, and conduct surveys on the site of each project. Management of the Group pointed out that we should be objective, fair, and accurate in the assessment of each company, which must depend on performance and data. Each company should decompose targets based on the main work and take full advantage of this opportunity of half-year assessment to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks for the whole year.



During the assessment, each company gave a comprehensive and systematic report based on finished targets for the first half of this year and existing problems and countermeasures. Meanwhile, according to operation environment of enterprises and current status of project operation, they analyzed achievements made by them and existing shortcomings. They also reported and communicated work ideology for the second half of this year. Through assessment, they further specified the key and direction of the work that followed and measures to be taken.


The assessment team fully recognized the achievements made by each company in the first half of 2017, as well as praised Xuzhou Join-In for its good results, Jiuyi Health Service Center for its quality service and each hotel for their innovative measures. Meanwhile, based on existing problems and difficulties in the operation activity in the first half of this year, they listened carefully to their requirements and had thorough discussion with responsible person of each company, to analyze reasons for problems, find causes of problems and bring up solutions. They specified that each company should take the work for the second half of this year seriously, adjust and improve work ideology and method, make innovation in management, improve quality and increase efficiency, and solve existing problems and shortcomings.


Leaders of the Group emphasized that this assessment further specified the operation targets, work missions, decision and measures for the second half of this year. Top priority of the work that followed lies in implementation. Each work task should be assigned to a specific person. We should see to it that each work is accomplished. We must accumulate human resource, power and confidence, and strive to realize the working objective of Join-In Group for 2017.