Congratulations of Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel on Being Appraised as Hubei Famous Brand Product

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According to Announcement on Naming 2016 Hubei Famous Brand Products issued by Hubei Daily Special Edition on 11 January 2017, Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel won the title of Hubei Famous Brand Product.


Hubei Famous Brand Product List involves328 enterprises, including 300 manufacturing enterprises, 8 producer service enterprises and 20 tourism service enterprises. Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel is among the list, which shows its benchmark status in Huangshi City and the service tourism industry in Hubei Province.

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▲ Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel

「 About Hubei Famous Brand 」

After preliminary review conducted by Good Quality City (State) Office and the industry in Hubei Province, announcement on application data made by application enterprises, customer satisfaction test entrusted by the third party institute, evaluation made by the provincial level expert committee, review and screening made by relevant units of Good Quality Province Work Committee, the title of Hubei Famous Brand is granted to pioneer enterprises, products and standards that have made contribution to economic and social development of Hubei Province and meet standard for election.


In the course of half a year of preparation, from receiving Notice on Do a Good Job in 2016 Hubei Famous Brand Application Work in June 2016 to receiving Publicity Letter on Confirmed List in January 2017, general manager of the hotel Mr. Mai Shengjiang led all employees of the hotel to actively prepare relevant election work, and organized many symposiums to discuss election scheme and prepare relevant indicators and data.

Strict review

1. Preliminary review at city and state level

Good Quality City (State) Offices will be responsible for preliminary review of application materials, and strictly check the authenticity and completeness of application materials of every enterprise, and then send them to Provincial Good Quality Office.

2. Publication of data

Enterprises should ensure authenticity of the data and accept social surveillance. All application materials should be announced to the public. For enterprises that do not meet application conditions, their application qualification will be revoked.

3. Giving recommendation opinions

Based on the preliminary review, Good Quality City (State) Offices will give recommendation opinions on products that meet conditions and requirements.

4. Report to a higher body

Summary list of recommended products, worksheets and application materials of all recommended enterprises will be sent to Provincial Good Quality Office.

5. Review and evaluation

Provincial Good Quality Office will entrust the third party to organize experts to conduct evaluation pursuant to General Principle of 2016 Hubei Famous Brand Evaluation. Meanwhile, third party authoritative institute will be entrusted to investigate customer satisfaction mark of application products, organize experts to review the mark based on materials, and the review result will be the final result.

6. Bringing up recommended list

According to marks and application status of products in the industry, the primary list of Hubei Famous Brand Products will be determined in descending order. After soliciting opinions from relevant departments and making public announcement, Provincial Good Quality Office will submit the recommended list of 2016 Hubei Famous Brand Products to provincial government.

7. Publication of information

Hubei Famous Brand Product Evaluation List, general principle, application data, evaluation procedure and evaluation result will be timely announced on the website of Hubei Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The result of the selection will be fair and open.


▲Management of the hotel take a photo with the award

While effort and patience brought glory to hotels, the government also resolved to grand bonus of 100,000 yuan to each enterprise that won the title of Hubei Famous Brand.

In recent years, by implementing brand and service quality improvement action, Huangshi Tonino Lamborghini Hotel constantly summarized experience, and became a banner in the development of the tourism and service industry of Huangshi City.

The winning of the title of "Hubei Famous Brand Products" shows that the hotel is highly recognized as a high quality enterprise in Huangshi. It is a milestone event, because the brand and image of the hotel has been promoted in Hubei and even in the whole country.