Important Speech Made by Chairman Gao Jianrong at 2016 Work Summary Meeting

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Dear colleagues,

       Good afternoon!


In a blink, a year has passed. Dancing golden monkey bids farewell to the old year, and gold rooster bringing good news welcomes an abundant year!

On the occasion of ringing out the Old Year and ringing in the New Year, we gathered together to share fruitful results obtained by all employees through hard work. Looking back on the arduous course we went through last year, we had experience that can be accumulated and also we had lessons to learn. Therefore, I would like to make a summary.

2016 is a turning point for "Realizing leap forward and winning the future". During this year, all employees of Join-In made painstaking effort to overcome difficulties. Without their endeavor, we can not share the results achieved during the last year here. Just now, four senior executives reported their hard work and market shares they won in 2016 in each section respectively. Here I would like to express my gratitude to all colleagues and thank all employees of Join-In. Thank you!

While sharing the joy of success, we should summarize shortcomings existing in the past year, so that we can develop our business with better development course, better industrial structure, and better enterprise system in the next year. Meanwhile, we should overcome our shortcomings and improve our ability, to lay a solid foundation for realizing "tomorrow's value".

I. Review of Work in 2016

2016 is a crucial year for the Group to transform itself and reduce pressure. It is a year for all sections to race ahead. It is a year of hard work for all colleagues.

1. Hotel section

Just now, when Mr. Su made a report on the hotel section, he used a new way to illustrate the pursuit of high quality and effort made in the hotel section, and embody the upbeat spirit of all colleagues of the hotel. Especially with an analysis that advances with the times and sizes up the situation, and the concept of the "eagle rebirth", he inspired us to foresee difficulties in the future when we are enjoying a success. Mr. Su mentioned in his report that continuous innovation is a concept that the hotel industry shall have. Only by bringing constant "new" experience to guests can they feel fresh forever. This concept and presentation should be learned by every manager of the big family of Join-In Group. Thank you. Mr. Su.

Through concerted efforts of the Group, the Company, and management of Join-In Hospitality Management Company, Join-In Hospitality Management Co., Ltd., was successfully listed on the new three board on 18 August 2016. It is a qualitative leap. Though it is the first step of the long march, it is a firm step. On this basis, as long as we hold on to our dream and make unremitting efforts, the victory is waiting for us not far away.

Various data in Mr. Su's report fully showed the spirit of Join-In people. This year, the hotels of Join-In won a total of 30 awards. Four hotels went forward together and overachieved the goal set at the beginning of the year. Just now, in his speech, the president particularly praised the working team of Kunshan Hotel. The new hotel management team headed by Zhang Yanju achieved brilliant results. It became a pioneer in the hotel industry. I would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to management members and all employees of Kunshan Hotel. Meanwhile, I hope that colleagues of all hotels can learn from Kunshan Hotel and achieve better results in the year to come. However, to achieve better results is not easy. I had mentioned earlier that hidden dangers exist in the development of the hotel industry. A good many hotels are being developed in industrial parks. They will bring great challenge to industrial park hotels in the next three to five years. Because the market is there, everyone wants to take it, which will lead to fierce competition in the hotel industry. Crown Hotel and Shu Yuan Hotel are located in the industrial park. We must have a contingency plan for them. Many hotels opened one after another in the industrial park. Roads and environment outside of the industrial park are inferior. Hotels also needed renovation. Under such circumstances, the two hotels still fulfilled plans established at the beginning of the year with high marks, which shall be acclaimed. Management members and employees all made their contribution. Huangshi is a relatively backward city in Hubei Province. Huangshi was once the second largest city in terms of economic development in Hubei Province. However, in recent two years, Huangshi's economy declined and was surpassed by neighboring cities. Sustained economic downturn will certainly have adverse effect on the hotel industry. The market is small, but hotels have been springing up in Huangshi. In addition, the government does not put emphasis on regulation of the market. Small market led to unhealthy competition, which has very big effect on the hotel industry in Huangshi. We also faced a lot of problems in construction. In 2016, we were making renovation and at the same time operating the hotels. Despite some shortcomings in performance, we fundamentally completed tasks assigned by the Group at the beginning of the year. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for your hard work.

2. Property section

The property industry has been a controversial industry in the last ten years. Mr. Ren Zhiqiang, once a leading figure in the industry, has a thorough and acute understanding about current status of the property industry, national macropolicy and real situation of Chinese people's livelihood. Therefore, he can always come to the point. He can accurately grasp the market trend. He is an intellectual that has made in-depth research on the property market. However, people who tell the truth are usually being suppressed. That's why in recent half a year Professor Ren Zhiqiang did not make any public speeches. Two days ago, he expressed his opinion on the property market for the first time in recent half a year.

We all love and hate the property market. China's economic development will be impossible without the rising of the property market. However, the disorderly development of the property market may very likely lead to financial crisis. Between the two, how to make an option?

Without the recovery of the property market in 2016, the growth rate of China's GDP will not exceed 6.5 last year. It is evident that the property market has big effect on China's economy and Chinese people's livelihood as well. However, if we let house prices keep rising, the bubble will increase, which will be a big contradiction to deleveraging in the structural reform of the supply front. Meanwhile, China's economy will heavily rely on the property market just like before. This entails financial source of local governments and China's economic development.

Speaking of local governments' attitude toward property development, Huangshi is a special case. General manager Chen Jian worked very hard in recent few months. He discussed repeatedly with lawyers regarding the outstanding issues of Huangshi. Minister Wei and Chen Jian argued with the lawyer team, which is from what is called China's first class law firm group. They asked the lawyer team who provides services to us to improve legal judgment. They made research and modification on words for many times. Base on thorough discussion, at the end of 2016, the law firm issued a legal opinion to Huangshi Municipal Government, requesting the government to do something and handle the outstanding issue of Join-In in accordance with laws.

In short, over the past year, under the leadership of the president, the property section has basically completed tasks assigned by the Group. In particular, some companies overfulfilled targets.

3. Health section

Mr. Liu just introduced current status of China's health industry and said that opportunity and challenge coexist. Currently, our company's health industry has won initial success. It grew out of nothing and started to take shape. I would like to express my gratitude to President Liu Yingying and President Guo Hong. Because of your support, as well as the leadership of the president and the endeavor of Mr. Liu, elderly care section of the company has certain influence in Xuzhou, which is gratifying. However, at present, the health section is still at start-up stage. We should not be content with what we have done. Although the health section has taken shape and has some influence, and especially got high recognition from governments, the results we have achieved failed to live up to our expectation. We must work out how to develop the health industry of our company in a fast and effective way, how the health section will survive in the future market, how to get 16-trillion-yuan's worth of market shares. Colleagues of the health section should study these issues and make plans. Then these plans should be implemented after being discussed and approved by the Group, to ensure that the health industry will make greater breakthrough in 2017.

4. Investment section

President Zhang just talked about achievements made by us in the investment section in recent two years, and introduced our wisdom and results in the investment field through a series of data. While achieving such results, we should reflect upon our shortcomings. Only by doing this can we constantly make improvement.

In the mid of 2016, Mr. Zhang indicated that we should switch to emerging industries. We should make no investment or only little investment in traditional industries. For example, Mr. Zhang talked about the gardening industry. According to statistics, the value of our investment has tripled. Therefore, our investment should be switched to high-tech industry and artificial intelligence industry. Last year, Mr. Zhang and I conducted a survey in Israel. At last, we chose to cooperate with a high-profile and most promising MUV company. At present, negotiation is underway in an orderly manner. What is the trend of this project? Now, no one can live without GPS. GPS has been applied in various industries. GPS distracts the attention of drivers, which has led to many car accidents. This project focuses on AR. While we are receiving necessary information, we still can feel the surrounding reality. This is a great advance compared to VR.

We should continue to make progress in objects and entities just mentioned by the president. Meanwhile, our investment should pay off. We once had run a big project, which is a painful lesson for us. We thought that we would make big profit from it, but eventually we suffered great loss. However, it did not affect the development of Join-In.

II. Shortcomings in 2016

While sharing the joy, we should also realize our shortcomings. Regarding the work for 2016, I would like to make a summary of our shortcomings:

1. We now lack talents.

Every year, I would remind the management of hotels at the meeting that we need many specialists in the hotel industry for our development. We lack such talents and have limited talent reserves.

2. Team spirit and executive power are to be improved.

I agree with what the president said. We should properly develop the property market. While developing, we should strengthen team spirit and enhance executive power. Without good team spirit and executive power, our cost will multiply. Our investment return will reduce significantly and our confidence in our property investment will diminish. Evergrande places strong control on the operation of the property, which shall be learned by our general managers.

3. Various management systems should be improved and delicacy management should continue to be enhanced.

The lack of delicacy management led to much waste. The assessment team had a heated debate with the Crown Hotel when it was conducting an assessment on the hotel. Mr. Li and Mr. Shen are experts on finance. They stuck to their opinions. Director Wei also insisted on his findings. Such spirit is helpful for the development of the enterprise. The management of the hotel should be further refined in respect of products, problems and property. Delicacy management is what everyone should study, improve and work at.

4. Corporate culture should be developed.

Join-In has nearly suspended the development of corporate culture in recent two years. A few years ago we put emphasis on the development of corporate culture, but in recent two years we neglected it because we have been busy handling businesses. I would like to remind management present here to make up for missed lessons and make renovation in this aspect, especially enterprises management. How can we comprehend "create tomorrow's value"? How can we improve our enterprise with this concept? How can our employees better realize their value? How can we improve employees' executive power by realizing their own value? These are questions that our management personnel should think about.

III. Development Target for 2017

"Look far ahead and aim high, stay true to the mission" is the requirement brought up by General Secretary Xi for experts, scientific research personnel, and scientists in China's aerospace industry. I think "Look far ahead and attain high" is better than "Look far ahead and aim high". "Look far ahead and aim high" is an inspiration, a requirement for the future or a hint. "Look far ahead and attain high" proposed by our company's president requires us not only to look farther, but also to go farther. I think the president's "Look far ahead and attain high" is the upgraded version of General Secretary Xi's "Look far ahead and aim high". Everyone should earnestly comprehend it. In 2017, "Look far ahead and attain high" should be our top priority. Everyone present here should work hard. All employees of the company should work together to achieve success.

How should "Look far ahead and attain high" be executed? What requirements are put forward for each section? I would like to put forward the following proposals:

1. Pull our forces together and start afresh

Why do we need to "pull our forces together and start afresh"? Last year and the year before last year, we were under great financial pressure. Based on our integrity and social relations, the president and I went through the tough two years. You could say that we went through jaws of death. We have got through the difficulty. This is the outcome of everyone's effort and the president's hard work. Our difficulties also resulted in certain negative issues, such as talent losses. At present, we have been through difficulties. We should pull our forces together and start afresh, and make another splendid achievement.

2. Recruit talents

All people present here are elites and excellent leaders. However, we should not be content with current status. We need to further recruit talents. As our company is constantly expanding, our various new industries are advancing ahead. Only with sufficient talents can our businesses forge ahead at a steady pace.

3. Reshape corporate culture

I will not repeat this part, because it has been elaborated above.

4. Make reform and innovation

This year, we must actually implement the management shareholding plan. Our concept is "Create tomorrow's value". The effort we made today will create value for tomorrow. After we become shareholders of the company, the company that we are working for will become ours. Therefore, everyone will voluntarily work for the company. While realizing the value of the enterprise, our management and employees can also realize their own values. Meanwhile, we should have a sense of honor in Join-In. Only when we get promoted can we say that we have made progress and our work has been recognized. Only then can we be recognized by our family, friends, colleagues and the society. It is when we gain recognition of the society that we realize our value. I often advocate this approach, but we always lack executive power. This year, we will put it into practice instead of just talking. Through practice, we will become shareholders of the company. In the future, we will work for ourselves.

Join-In Shares settled in Huangshi at the end of 2006, ten years after its establishment. At that time, Yin Xinggang just moved from Suzhou to Huangshi. He eventually became the head of the Huangshi headquarters and set up a home in Huangshi. In a flash, ten years has passed. Join-In Shares' market value has increased to tens of billions of yuan from hundreds of millions of yuan. We achieved brilliant success.

Now we have gone through difficulties, but our mission has not been fulfilled. We are still working on it. We will build another listed company platform for Join-In. This is what we want to achieve in 2017. It must be done. If this goal can be attained in 2017, Mr. Zhang should be praised.

5. In the year to come, Shanghai Join-in Hotel Management Company will share the most responsibility. It should not only be responsible for management and development of four hotels, but also needs to publicize the brand of Join-in Lamborghini. On the existing foundation, we should grow stronger. Our current scale still cannot withstand wind and waves. We urgently need to make effort to grow stronger and gain more market shares.

6. In aspect of property, Taihu Lake Project will be built into the most valuable project of Join-In. We must also spare no time to implement Xuzhou Join-In Plaza phase II, Huai'an phase III, Huangshi Qingyu Road Project and Huangshi Property Sales Project, to gain profit from investment as soon as possible.

7. We should restore confidence and make innovation in the health industry. In the past seven months, we gained confidence and also suffered failure. I hope we will not have the sense of frustration. The whole group company and everyone present here should have full confidence in the health industry and Jiuyi Health Center. Management and colleagues of Jiuyi Health should make innovation. Of course, the headquarters of the Group should do the same.

Why should we vigorously develop the health industry? Because the aging population is constantly rising in China, we think this market is very promising. The market demand is increasing year over year. It is a market worth 16 trillion yuan. We must take the preemptive opportunities. Loss and setback is inevitable in the course of development. We must keep calm and dare to compete in the market, to become a real leader in the elderly care service industry in China.

General Secretary Xi requires Chinese people to roll up their sleeves and work hard, to realize the dream of a powerful nation. I also require everyone to roll up your sleeves and work hard, to create our tomorrow's value. I hope everyone can roll up your sleeves and work hard to realize your life value.

At last, I wish everyone a lucky and peaceful new year, good health, and a happy family. I wish Join-In the Group a prosperous future! Thank You!