Look Far Ahead and Attain High, Travel All Round—Join-In Group Envisages New Journey for 2017

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On 22 January 2017, 2016 Join-In Group Annual Summary Meeting cum 2017 Spring Festival Gala, with the theme of "Look far ahead and attain high", was held at Suzhou Join-In Crowne Plaza Hotel. Chairman of Join-In Group Mr. Gao Jianrong, President of Join-In Group Mr. Xu Qinghua, as well as employees of the Group and subsidiaries, more than 300 people in total, gathered together to celebrate the event. They witnessed and shared exciting and wonderful moment of the annual meeting.



At 13:30, 2016 Join-In Group Annual Summary Meeting was held at Santorini Hall of the hotel. Leaders of subsidiaries under the Group in the fields of health industry, property industry, hotel industry, and financial technology industry reported the work they have done in 2016 and their work plan and target for 2017.



At the Annual Summary Meeting, senior leaders of Join-In, including Chairman Gao Jianrong and President Xu Qinghua, fully recognized the efforts and achievements made by the Group and subsidiaries over the last year, and established the strategic plan and struggle objective for the next year. In the meantime, an agreement signature ceremony was held between the Group and subsidiaries. As Chairman Gao said, the brilliance of 2016 has gone and in 2017, all Join-In people should roll up their sleeves, comprehensively improve Join-In Group's brand strategy, look far ahead and aim high, and create tomorrow's value.



At 18:00, amidst festive music, Join-In Group 2017 Spring Festival Gala was held in the Banquet Hall of the hotel. The gala was unveiled after Chairman of the Group Mr. Gao Jianrong made an impassioned New Year's speech. Various forms of art performance offered a feast to the eyes.



Beautiful and animated dances, and humorous stage plays brought a gluttonous audio-visual feast to all guests. It showed elegant appearance and spirit of employees of Join-In Group, not only bringing joy and laughter to everyone, but also bringing colleagues closer to each other. The excellent employees awarding, which is held once a year, and exciting lucky drawing pushed the gala to the climax again and again. The excellent corporate cultural connotation of Join-In Group let every employee of this big family feel gratified materially and happy mentally. At 20:00, the gala was concluded in a harmonious, warm and cheerful atmosphere.



Go with dream, never stop moving. On the road of development, only the real visionary can go farther. The year of 2016 was a significant year for the development of Join-In Group. Under the leadership of Chairman Gao Jianrong, Join-In's hotel operation and management section was successfully listed. All business sections under the Group forged ahead, strove together in good faith, and obtained excellent results. The big ship of Join-In is marching forward on the right course. 2017 will mark the beginning of the brilliance of Join-In. All Join-In people, with dream and passion, wisdom and talent, confidence and courage, will exploit a better future, gain more market shares, create more splendid career, and write a more glorious chapter for Join-In.